Architectural Nexus Case Study

When we delved into what made Architectural Nexus different from their competition, we got a speech from the principals—complete with drawings—on the subject of “Problem Seeking”. The title alone was engaging. Do most people seek out problems?



“The work we did with modern8 grew directly out of their ability to understand what made us unique. When we explained our 'Problem Seeking' process, it lead to design solutions that were consistent with our philosophy and communicated what made us different.”

— Brian Cassil, Director of Visualization, Architectural Nexus


Architectural Nexus Website | Home

The site positions the company as a regional firm, with strong recruiting attributes and large full-screen photographs that command attention while showing off the portfolio. The work speaks for itself, but the unique navigation reminds viewers that this is a different type of architectural firm. Together with the client, we explored several options for technical development of the site. It was determined that Flash was the best solution for them because it allowed for the best user experience. We also created an HTML landing page to aid in search engine optimization.

Architectural Nexus Website | Home

Architectural Nexus Website | Problem Seeking

Architectural Nexus Website | Who We Are


We noticed in meeting with different principals that the way in which Nexus collaborated with clients was different than other architectural firms with whom we had worked. To better understand this collaboration concept, we created a diagram that outlined this client/architect relationship and then built wireframes based on the concept. The diagram took the form of a spoke-like model with different points addressing different needs. The spoke model became the organizing principal behind the Web site navigation, with the “Problem Seeking” explanation as one of the four points of the model.

Architectural Nexus Design Strategy