Brand Identities

An identity is more than just a logo; it’s the way you visually portray your brand. We create memorably effective logos, but we also create the supporting visual language or graphic style that makes a truly emotive, memorable brand.

Tailor Built


Last year Legacy Fields decided the time was right to start building homes. We took them through the our Perception Branding 5d Process and determined the appropriate brand position and brand promise, then created an identity for their building division, Tailor Built Homes. The company will be constructing homes known for their indoor/outdoor experiences.



Bear River Mutual


No matter how great it is, 100 years is a long time to hang on to your trademark. Bear River Mutual Insurance Company was founded in 1909 and their logo hasn’t really changed since. There is nostalgic charm about the old logo that can’t be denied, but try putting the logo on a pen, embroider it on a shirt, or even recognize it from a distance. We took Bear River through our Perception Branding 5d process, determined the appropriate brand strategy, and created the brand identity that supports it. The logo retains elements from the original design, including the general feel of its century-old predecessor.

bearriverbusinesscardsBEARRIVEREnvelope bearriverletterhead


Nucleus Logo

We created an identity as part of a campaign to launch the next generation of HealthCare Insight’s fraud prevention application: Nucleus. The software helps health insurance companies find fraud, waste and abuse in insurance claims. We started strategically, with our 5D Perception Branding process and then designed a strong, colorful identity for Nucleus, which tied together all the touchpoints.

Nucleus Pocket Folder

Nucleus Pocket Folder


Companies change—sometimes in big ways. And if you’re not innovating and changing you’re falling behind. UCN started out as Buyers United, a reseller of long-distance services, which became United Carrier Networks, which became UCN. That’s when we met them. We were engaged to help with yet another change. The company had become something quite different. Long-distance telephone services today are just another commodity. UCN, recognizing the need to innovate, has developed a new product approach that delivers software for call centers over the Internet. The application delivery model, known as “Software as a Service”, provides significant scalability and deployment options compared to typical on-site call center software/hardware.

We used our Perception Branding 5d Process to determine the brand strategy and then used the strategy to inform the execution of a new identity and name change.




MHTN Architects

MHTN Architects Logo

When MHTN Architects approached us about redesigning their identity, we had some hesitation. Their 20 year-old logo was designed by a now-retired, highly-respected local designer—and we liked it. But after MHTN engaged us, we learned through our 5d Perception Branding process that the architectural firm had changed. The 50 year-old company, long known for their professionalism, but less recognized for progressive design, was now led by partners with different values. To signal the change, we created a new logo that was intentionally related graphically to the former mark, wrote a new tagline (“vision made real”), adopted new color and typography standards, and applied it all to the corporate papers. Their Web site sports the new logo while we work with them towards a complete overhaul.

MHTN Architects Business Cards

MHTN Architects Envelope

MHTN Architects Notepad

MHTN Architects Mailing Labels

MHTN Office Sign

Kendal Homes

Kendal Homes Logo

A specialization in building modern and mountain homes led to a photographic, 3-D identity solution. The square shape of the logo itself was carried through in the unconventional shape of the business cards.

Kendal Homes Business Cards

Kendal Homes Letterhead

Kendal Homes Pocket Folder


If you need help with Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect, Novell Groupwise, or other common applications, what do you do? Call our client BrainStorm. The 14 year-old company reaches out internationally from its Utah county home, with software training products and services designed for the end-user. Using our proprietary Perception Branding 5d process, we built a foundation of understanding that shifted the BrainStorm brand experience. When we examined the company culture, it became clear that there was a disconnect between why they were successful vs. the image that they projected. In interviews we learned about the company’s fun atmosphere, witnessing effective “people-based” training using humor. We also learned about the extraordinary commitment to keeping the customer satisfied. None of that came across in their previous dreary identity and Web site. We proposed a new identity based around a very non-stuffy logo and a strong yellow-gold color, which is psychologically associated with pleasant feelings.

J. Joyce & Associates

J. Joyce & Associates Logo

The law office of J. Joyce & Associates, which specializes in insurance litigation, approached modern8 for creative services after separating from a large downtown Salt Lake firm. The mark we designed takes advantage of the paired letters and suggests the professionalism of a monogram. We applied the logo to stationery and business cards that reflect the shape of the letter “J” with a single rounded corner on the bottom right edge.

J. Joyce Business Cards

J. Joyce Stationery


NIC Logo

NIC is the world’s largest provider of Web-enabled government services. Working through our Perception Branding Process, NIC clarified their position and incorporated it into a brand identity both visually and verbally.

The dotted “i” design of the finished logo was a logical representation of the “people behind” concept. Once the logo design was established, we created and published corporate identity guidelines for use of the logo, such as color specifications, proper presentation space and typography. Also included are examples of correct and incorrect uses for the logo.

NIC Stationery

NIC Pocket Folder

K2 Foot + Ankle

K2 Foot + Ankle Logo

Stanton Smith is not only a podiatrist but also a mountain climber, and though he doesn’t always want to talk about it, that must have had some influence on the choice of a new practice name. Moving to new offices, the foot specialist has upgraded the look and feel of everything. We created a new identity and applied it to the stationery, moving announcement and on-site identification. A Web site is in the works.

K2 Foot + Ankle Business Cards

K2 Moving Announcement Postcard

Sustainable Building Conference

The Salt Lake Sustainable Building Conference brings together city and county employees, architects, engineers and construction companies for a full day of presentations and instruction on how to “Build Green”. We created an identity for the new annual conference in 2006, which graphically illustrates the concept and goals of the conference.



Young Electric Sign Company has casually used the acronym YESCO for many years, but until recently, the real name of the company was only in long form. The duplicity caused some confusion. In some cities in the Western U.S., like Las Vegas, the company was better known by the acronym and just the opposite in other cities. Although YESCO has been our client for over 10 years, the logo preceded us. But in 2008, a legal necessity provided an opportunity to re-brand. It was important however that the visual equity of the logo be maintained. We kept the most important feature, the “Y” mark, but dropped the enclosing border and anachronistic typeface. We formally adopted the Univers type family, which we had preferentially used for years and produced a complete Brand Identity Standards manual. The revised identity is simple, graphically memorable and easily read at great distances, a valuable trait in the outdoor medium. The identity has rolled out gradually and is now appearing on stationery, trucks, buildings and uniforms.

YESCO Subsidiary Logos

YESCO Website



JRCA Architects Logo

The architects, James R. Child and Associates wanted a new identity that reflected a contemporary view and an environmentally-sensitive attitude. Our solution emphasized a geometric, de Stijl-like division of space, but with an earthy color palette.

JRCA Envelope

JRCA Location Sign

Associated Food Stores

Associated Food Stores Logo

Few logos we’ve designed get as wide a distribution as the “the cart in the a” logo we did for Associated Food Stores in the early 90’s, whose trucks move their branded products all across the Western United States. We were asked to create a mark that retained much of the visual equity of the logo that preceded it, but without the female shopper, which by 1990, had become anachronistic. The result integrated the letter and shopping cart into a unified form.

Associated Food Stores Stationery

Associated Food Stores

Dr. Rand Bennett

Dr. Rand Bennett Logo

The logo for Dr. Rand Bennett & Team is a memorable, unique illustrative metaphor for the services offered by the orthodontist. Dr. Bennett has commented that the logo has converted many prospects. “They’ll come in holding my business card, saying, ‘I came here because of your logo.’”

Dr. Rand Bennett Business Card

Rand Bennett Envelope


Szechwan Chinese Cuisine Logo

Szechwan Chinese Kitchen is a great little restaurant in Park City, widely recognized by locals as the best Chinese food in the county. The Szechwan Chinese Kitchen engaged modern8 to brand the restaurant as sophisticated fare, but in a casual, resort atmosphere. Szechwan’s former identity did not distinguish itself from fast food competition.

Szechwan Business Cards

30 years of Identities

Our experience in logo design and corporate identity goes back three decades. Here are a number of classics from throughout the years.

Murray Library, 2011SugarHouse, 2010inContactIgnition Consulting GroupNucleusDunn Associates, Inc.BrainstormGazingaBarbecoaAlbionAssociated Food StoresABCMHTNCrestwood Electric LogoFM90 KUER LogoNolan Photography LogoWood Hair Co. LogoSmith Podiatry Associates LogoRadiant Laboratories LogoSound Column Productions LogoStructural Systems Inc.The Wasatch Printing Company Logo