We certainly don’t design brochures as much as we used to. There is no doubt, however, that printed literature is still as potent as ever. A cleverly-written, beautifully-designed, exquisitely-printed brochure delivers a feeling of solidarity and impact rarely achieved in other mediums.

We don’t simply create compelling printed work; we deliver pieces that are on-brand, and tell the right story in the right way to the right audience.

Sometimes that involves finding the ideal copywriter to tell your story. It might mean seeking just the right photographer or illustrator to emotively capture that message. Whatever it takes, we make sure your printed literature tells your story as compellingly as possible.

Take a look at a few samples.

Ritual Chocolate



Ritual Chocolate moved their artisan chocolate factory from Colorado to Park City, Utah a couple of years ago. They recognized a need for a new logo and package design, re-positioning their product to relate more authentically with their new mountain home. We designed nine different packages, marked with color, animal icons and graphics that relate to each flavor and country of origin, like Peru, Ecuador and Belize. The packages are hand-stamped with batch numbers and harvest years. Even the UPC code has a custom mountain theme.




Each package illustration varies slightly, depicting a different scene and season of the region. The silver foil not only provides impact in a retail setting, but correlates with the history of silver mining in Park City, where each bar is made. The color palette also links the product to the place, incorporating natural tones found in the mountains, valleys and deserts of Utah.


University of Utah College of Fine Arts




Studio-15_Cover While there are many kinds of studios—art studios, dance studios, music studios and movie studios—for the annual publication of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Utah, there’s only one logical name: Studio. We were engaged by Dean Raymond Tymas-Jones to design a 44-page brochure that functions much like an annual report. The oversized publication features the activities, initiatives and accomplishments of the arts at the university that enrich the quality of life for the Salt Lake City community and beyond. We created a layout that features the departments, directed photography and designed typographic titles that bring attention to the disciplines in the college that are awarded top national rankings for their quality and training.


STUDIO-'15-Magazine-Spreads-portfolio Studio_SpreadSm3 Studio_SpreadSm2


Studio studiospread2 studiospread3 studiospread2


BookJigs Bird Theme Display

After designing for the existing line of products we subtly suggested that we might redesign the product itself. We ended up designing 30 unique bookmarks around five different themes. We created packaging that integrates the design of the product together with the packaging, to make a complete point-of-purchase statement. The counter-top display was designed to merchandise a single theme each: birds, nature, fashion patterns, Bible stories and fiction. You can view all thirty BookJigs packages on our flickr page.


BookJigs Bookmarks

Bookjigs Bookmarks

Bookjigs Bookmarks

Bookjigs Bookmarks

Bookjigs Bookmarks

Bookjigs Bookmarks


Bookjigs Packaging

In 2010 a company with a funny name and a new product approached us. Our strategic recommendations included using the company name as a product name and simplifying it. Bookjigs is an original product innovation for a common need: bookmarks. We designed packaging that graphically and verbally explains how the product is different. Bookjigs attach to your book and include a ribbon so you never lose your place. The graphic approach of the packaging developed into a brochure and counter-top display to promote the retail products.

Bookjigs Brochure

Bookjigs Brochure

Bookjigs Brochure

Nucleus Tradeshow Launch

Nucleus Tradeshow Material

Nucleus Tradeshow Material

We created a comprehensive, multi-medium campaign to launch the next generation of HealthCare Insight’s fraud prevention application: Nucleus. The software helps health insurance companies find fraud, waste and abuse in insurance claims. We started strategically, with our 5D Perception Branding process and then designed a strong, colorful identity for Nucleus, which tied together all the touchpoints and launched it at the industry’s annual tradeshow. We created a mailer to invite attendees to relax at the Nucleus Lounge. A mini-Web site explains the elements of the product. At the lounge, attendees were given the Fraud, Waste and Abuse box that magically changes when picked up by the handle. Contained in the box is the Nucleus product brochure, the HCI company brochure, a poster, and the playful product features card deck. The design of the Nucleus Lounge itself extended the Nucleus look, feel and message to an environment that allows for natural sales interaction.

For more Nucleus Tradeshow work, see also Case Study

Nucleus Poster Front

Nucleus Poster Back

Nucleus Stackable Cards

Nucleus Card Stack

Nucleus Black Brochure Cover

Nucleus Brochure

Nucleus Brochure

Nucleus White Brochure Cover

Nucleus Brochure


Yescozette cover 2007

We created our first Yescozette in 1998 and have been doing them ever since. The oversize 11” x 14” publication is mailed out to clients, potential clients and employees of Young Electric Sign Company a couple times a year. With high production values, we help select a theme and direct photography and writing to highlight the newest YESCO signs throughout the Western United States. Recent themes include concepts like contrast or color as well as the history of signs and the marketing impact of exterior signs. We also designed the official history of Young Electric Sign Company, a 70-page book published in 2001.

For more YESCO work, see also Web and Brand Identity

YESCOZETTE | September, 2003

YESCOZETTE | October, 2006YESCOZETTE | September, 2003

YESCOZETTE | October, 2008

YESCOZETTE | October, 2008

YESCOZETTE | January, 2006


spread-1 spread-2


NIC 2004 Annual Report

Since 1999 we’ve been designing for NIC, the nation’s largest provider of online services for official state government. We have designed multiple annual reports for the public company, headquartered in Kansas City. Each year, perfect bound with different footprints, we bring attention to the growing company with case studies, maps and photography while supplying investors with the data to make sound decisions.

For more NIC work, see also Brand Identity

NIC 2004 Annual Report

NIC 2009 Annual Report

NIC 2007 annual cover mock

NIC annual spread mock

NIC folder flat 2 NIC folder flat

Sustainable Building Conference

Sustainable Building Conference Poster

The Salt Lake Sustainable Building Conference brings together city and county employees, architects, engineers and construction companies for a full day of presentations and instruction on how to “Build Green”. For four years, we created posters, a series of email blasts and a Web site to promote the event and then designed the program guide given to registrants at the Salt Palace Convention Center. We donated much of our services in support of the program and its goals.

2009 Sustainable Building Conference Booklet

2008 Sustainable Building Conference Booklet

2007 Sustainable Building Conference Booklet

American Institute of Architects

AIA Brochure

A geographically inspired building illustrates the theme “Utah Architecture Comes of Age” in a brochure we designed to promote the annual conference of the Utah chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

Ignition Consulting

Stand For Your Brand Book Cover Art

“The advertising industry needs a taste of its own medicine,” according to author Tim Williams, a former advertising executive and now a consultant to the industry.Take a Stand for Your Brand is a new book, which admonishes agencies to apply the same positioning and branding tactics to their own business that they so readily recommend for their own clients. modern8 created the cover and designed and directed the interior production of the book published by The Copy Workshop.

School Improvement Network

School Improvement Network Brochure

No one will ever answer the question of whether print or web-based media is better. Each of them is really better at different things. You simply can’t beat the portability and accessibility of brochures. That’s why the School Improvement Network has engaged us to design printed communications, even for their web-based product, PD360, an online tool to help teachers teach. The challenge was to make a lot of screen shots look good. With a black background, we employed dull and spot varnishes to frame graphics and enhance images. We placed the screen shots in perspective to bring them out of a two-dimensional plane and shot lots of photos of kids, a tactic that seldom goes wrong. The brochure was a follow-up to the strategic consulting, identity development, tradeshow and website we created earlier. Additional literature includes a direct mail piece to capture federal stimulus dollars and a comprehensive catalog of School Improvement products.

For more work with School Improvement Network, see also Brand Identity and Case Study.

School Improvement Network | Stimulus Brochure

School Improvement Network | Stimulus Brochure

School Improvement Network Catalog

School Improvement Network Catalog

Pioneer Theater Company





We’ve been creating design and marketing and communications materials for Pioneer Theater Company since the 1990s. Utah’s major resident professional theater company, PTC, has provided us the opportunity to take a fresh approach to playbill, banner, and advertisement design season after season.






PTC 2015 Brochure-Spread2




PTC 2014 Brochure-Spread


PTC 2011-2012 Brochure spread 2

PTC 2011-2012 Brochure spread 1


PTC cover 1998


PTC cover 1993

PTC spread mockup

Touchstone Essentials



When we were first approached about Touchstone Essentials it was just an idea—not even a name. We helped bring the idea to life. We approached it all with a handmade, natural feeling, with many flowing illustrations. Stock photos of couples and their luxury cars would never fit the Touchstone brand.

For more Touchstone Essentials work, see also Brand Identity and Case Study.



The Touchstone Essentials product labels and packaging continue a theme initiated with the design of the logo. The “tail” of the logo often turns into illustrative elements that amplify the qualities identified in the brand strategy. The amber colored glass bottles and label are transparent, emphasizing the tagline, “The Good Inside.” Hand lettering conveys visually and verbally the same messages on the protective packaging.





The products, which are the driving force in the success of Touchstone Essentials, are truly whole food nutrition, harvested right from the earth. To emphasize that, we shot photos of the raw fruits and vegetables that comprise the supplements. Connecting with interest in sustainable, local farming, we combined photos with hand lettering and illustrations to capture a distinctive difference from others in the MLM industry.




We’ve always enjoyed designing for architects.

Graphic design and architecture are bedfellows, both requiring functional and aesthetic considerations. It’s not often, though, we are approached to help an architect with a product. The Heliosphere is a solar timepiece which delights the senses and connects the user to time and place, lovingly brought to life by Joyce Poppendorf. We created an identity, packaging, instruction manual and a simple website to help launch the new product. When placed in direct sunlight, the four-inch spherical timepiece illuminates the time of day.

heliosphere brochure mockup h3-lg

Art & Art History Department

Poster-Front Historically, employees of modern8 have predominantly been graduates from the University of Utah. So we were pleased to help our alma mater with a project to drive interest in the Masters of Fine Arts program in Art and Art History Department. We developed a social media strategy, then created a poster/mailer directed to undergrads at other schools. We capitalized on the “create and recreate” opportunities in the state with artistic and geographic points of interest to potential applicants.

Brandscape Architects

Modern8 Brandscape poster

We’ve done a lot of work for architects. We’d like to do more. So with an intriguing title and cool illustration, we designed and printed up posters to mail out to local and national prospects. The front side spells out the word “Brandscape” while the backside has information and testimonials from those oh-so-satisfied clients, like Architectural Nexus, MHTN and FFKR. We posted it to our Facebook page, and we have had people asking for their own copies, but so far, we think they were other graphic designers, not architects.