More than any other application, a web site conveys the brand personality of a company. Its palette of engaging content, sound, movement and color create a walking, talking interactive company experience. It’s the next best thing to reality. The Internet provides the customer with a no-pressure sales environment, but at the click of a mouse, a competitor is waiting. A company’s web site should quickly answer these questions: Who is this company? Why does anyone need to know? What’s in it for me?


Impartner web mock home
Treehouse Interactive had been around for 15 years—great technology, bad marketing. New money and new talent were brought in and we were asked to help rebrand. With a tight timeframe, we pulled off a mini-version of our famed d5 Perception Branding process, interviewing the new executives and researching competitors. With the selected Brand Concept Board and a new name, Impartner, we designed a new identity and a new website, repositioning them as provider of partner portals for companies that rely on indirect sales. The home page lays claim to our “only, only” strategy of the first PRM solution built from the ground up. 

For more Impartner work, see also Brand Identity.



Jacobsen Construction

Jacobsen-web-mock-home When we were approached by Jacobsen Construction to design a website for them, we didn’t know they were an employee-owned company. We soon learned that there was no CEO dictating details, but rather a team of professionals, including a writer, a designer and a biz dev expert. We worked together, incorporating big photos, vertical parallax scrolling, and video to communicate the yield behind Jacobsen’s famous formula: prosperity and value for their customers. From luxury condominiums to religious temples, the projects section of their site shows off work they’ve completed throughout the entire country.

Jacobsen-web-mock-about Jacobsen-web-mock-home2 Jacobsen-web-mock-hotel page

Architectural Nexus

arch nexus web mock home

The first website we designed for Architectural Nexus used Flash technology, which afforded us cool animations and a distinguishing interface, but that was long before the advent of the always-on, mobile world in which we now live. The challenge this time was to create a site with the same visual impact, while making it accessible from any device, and easily manageable internally. The resulting modular layout accommodates projects as easily as news releases and features video content created by the Arch Nexus Visualization team. We also helped with the logo redesign that launched with the new website.

arch nexus web mock home2 arch nexus web mock purpose arch nexus web mock university place

Signal Peak

Signal Peak | Monitor

It’s easy to be intimidated by smart guys from Harvard and the like, but the partners at Signal Peak Ventures are personable and professional. We took the venture capital firm through our Perception Branding 5d Process. That’s where we came up with the line on their website that promises “an ego absent interaction”. It’s also how we decided to feature the entrepreneurs who Signal Peak trusts with capital funding. We sent a photographer to the offices of four entrepreneurs to help tell the story of the investment from Signal Peak Ventures. The website we designed and built around these concepts is simple, modern and to the point. Launched earlier this month, the website is responsive on any device. We also helped with a brand refresh and re-designed stationery and business cards.

For more Signal Peak work, see also Case Study.

Signal Peak | Home

Signal Peak | Navigation

Signal Peak | Entrepreneurs

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The Brand Amp

Brand Amp | Monitor

Not unexpectedly, The Brand Amp amplifies brands. The Southern California company is known for making real news with unreal events. Helping clients like Red Bull and DIRECTV with event-based marketing communications led modern8 to design a website that captures the energetic passion we saw while working with them. We took Brand Amp through the Perception Branding 5D Process and created strategic recommendations that were approved before we designed a new logo and website. The site shows off their greatest hits and social media capabilities mixed between nostalgic amplification references.

Brand Amp | Home

Brand Amp | Case Studies

Brand Amp | Lineup

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Peterson Wealth Advisors

Peterson Wealth Advisors | Monitor

Statisticians are now telling us we may live in retirement for 30 years. What they don’t tell us is how to make our savings last for three decades. Peterson Wealth Advisors has a plan: The Perennial Income Model. And we helped Peterson bring it to life. This summer, we accomplished a complete strategic and creative overhaul for the Orem, Utah based company in record time. We first took Peterson through the Perception Branding 5D Process, building a foundation of understanding—before creating anything. The business name was modified and the retirement model was given a name and logo. We designed a new identity including a new tagline. The identity was incorporated into the design of stationery, business cards, a new website and video. The website introduces the team, the investment approach and describes services.

For more Peterson Wealth Advisors work, see also Case Study and Brand Identity.

Peterson Wealth Advisors | Home

Peterson Wealth Advisors | About

Peterson Wealth Advisors | Contact

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Bear River Mutual

Bear River Mutual | Monitor

No matter how great it is, 100 years is a long time to hang on to your trademark. Bear River Mutual Insurance Company was founded in 1909 and their logo hasn’t really changed since. There is nostalgic charm about the old logo that can’t be denied, but try putting the logo on a pen, embroider it on a shirt, or even recognize it from a distance. We took Bear River through our Perception Branding 5d process, determined the appropriate brand strategy, and created the brand identity that supports it. The logo retains elements from the original design, including the general feel of its century-old predecessor.

For more Bear River Mutual work, see also Brand Identity and Case Study.

Bear River Mutual | Home

Bear River Mutual | Service Center

Bear River Mutual | About

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American Research Bureau

American Research Bureau

American Research Bureau (ARB) is a worldwide leader in international genealogical research, heirship determination, and the location of missing and unknown heirs. They contacted modern8 in an effort to rebrand themselves as a well-established and trustworthy company in order to alleviate skeptical clients. Clients are understandably skeptical when they are first contacted by ARB. They find unknown heirs and litigates the legal process to retrieve inheritances for said heirs. They’ve been doing it since the 1930’s at no cost to the client. They simply take a percentage of the inheritance the unknown heir didn’t even know existed previously.

American Research Bureau | Our Successes

American Research Bureau | About Us

American Research Bureau | Meet Our Staff

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Ever been to a store and needed help making a purchasing decision? Of course you have—particularly when looking at competitive items in unfamiliar product categories. That’s where our client Experticity comes in. As it says on the website we designed for them: “One conversation with an expert can make a big difference in what people buy.” Brands like New Balance, Nike Golf and The North Face hire Experticity to ensure sales associates are experts in their products. We designed the new site for both retailers and brands, capturing the first major introduction of their recently launched brand identity and strategy.

Experticity | Mobile

Experticity | Home

Experticity | About Us

Experticity | Resources

Experticity | Contact

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ABC Concrete

ABC Concrete

We’ve been working with Associated Brigham Contractors since 2000, when we did the first version of their Web site. In Internet years, that’s around the Paleozoic era, so we were ready to update the look and technology to a modern, concise iteration that emphasizes their core message: structural concrete construction under demanding deadlines. The online employment application keeps resources in line with demand while the design reflects the look of the brochure we designed for them two years ago.

ABC Concrete | Services

ABC Concrete | Services

ABC Concrete | Services

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Mercato Partners

Mercato Partners

The private equity firm Mercato Partners again asked us to redesign their Website. Headed by Alan Hall and Greg Warnock, Mercato provides capital to expanding companies ready to scale up. The site uses People, Portfolio and Passion menu choices to describe investments in everything from socks to servers. We originally designed the site in 2009, the new site introduces, video and social media components as well as new content.

Mercato Partners

Mercato Partners | Portfolio

Mercato Partners | Passion

Mercato Partners | People

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Ogden Clinic

Ogden Clinic Website

The Ogden Clinic Web site is an important piece of the Ogden Clinic brand experience. Visually, the Web site carries the identity elements throughout. The home page is not only utilitarian— offering various helpful services to visitors—but also strongly communicates the Ogden Clinic brand message by highlighting their involvement in the community, and displaying health and clinic news items. The site creates a resource for the community by incorporating large, easily searchable libraries of health-related content. The site was built dynamically to allow cross-linking, i.e. if a viewer is researching a topic like tendonitis then Ogden Clinic orthopedic providers would be referenced along side the articles. The site also creates a personalized area for patients to login, make appointments, contact providers, and check medical history.

For more Ogden Clinic work, see also Case Study.

Ogden Clinic Website

Ogden Clinic Website

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YESCO Website Design

Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO) is a 1,200-employee firm with multiple services and products offered through offices and divisions spread across the Western United States. Previously, some divisions maintained their own sites, which led to a fractured brand image and destination. YESCO needed one Web site that visually portrays them as a single company with all included services, but allows users to intuitively navigate to the specific information and division that interests them.

The site was primarily designed in HTML for increased search engine optimization and seamless extensibility with all of YESCO’s divisions. Flash-animated icons fulfilled YESCO’s desire to vividly display all of their main lines of business in equal light and intuitively guide visitors to their areas of interest. Flash animation was also used on the home page to feature new and iconic signs, and to entice the visitor to click to various areas within the site. “Recent Sign News” was developed to keep the site up-to-date and allows YESCO to commend specific divisions within the company.

Additional visual interest was added to the otherwise static HTML pages by implementing Ajax/Javascript, creating animation in the navigation, rollovers and gallery pages. We worked with YESCO’s internal IT department to develop a dynamic Outdoor Media location application, which allows users to find outdoor signs by map, zip code or bulletin number.

For more YESCO work, see also Print and Brand Identity.

YESCO Website | Portfolio Design

YESCO Website | YESCOZETTE Publication Viewer

YESCO Website | Timeline

YESCO Website | Locations Interactive Map

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FFKR Architects

FFKR Website

Architects are visual thinkers. That makes designing Web sites for architects different than, say, designing for financial planners. FFKR Architects, recognized as a regional design leader, engaged modern8 to capture the essence of their design thinking with a clean, modern Web site without (as they so often put it), any “dancing bears”. Our solution features large, high-impact photos in a Flash-based Web site that includes a content management system, allowing for easy changes without skilled technical knowledge.

Together with the marketing director, we interviewed several principles one-on-one, revealing the culture and dynamics of the 100+ firm. We observed the aesthetics of their own remarkable building and analyzed their existing marketing and identity materials. FFKR is highly respected for innovative design, yet much of their work is for conservative institutional clients. The site had to function simply and intuitively, yet make a strong impact on the viewer. 

“Modern8 took the time to sit with us to discuss and learn about FFKR Architects. Their ideas and final design solution reflected our words and needs. The site is beautiful and easy to maintain. Everyone who sees it compliments us on how good we look online.”

— Heidi Nielson, Marketing Coordinator, FFKR Architects

FFKR Website

FFKR Website

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Dunn Associates

Dunn Associates Website

“We are different, and that is by design.” So begins the opening paragraph to the Dunn Associates Web site. Ron Dunn, president of Dunn Associates, Structural Engineering, believes that engineering is a creative activity and he wanted a Web site that not only reflected his “different” dictum but also served as a working tool for the company.

The Projects, People and Case Studies sections of the Web site can be used to assemble and print proposals for clients of Dunn Associates. The site also features 360-degree virtual reality panoramas of the Dunn offices, which are likewise “different by design.”

In the middle of creating a new Web site for Dunn Associates, it became apparent that the company’s existing logo was not going to be compatible with the design direction the site was moving toward. modern8 proposed an overhaul to the company identity. The existing logo had unique optical properties and equity from years of use, but lacked impact and a contemporary look and feel. We simplified the mark, took advantage of the short name, added weight to the lines and updated the color palette. 


Dunn Associates Website

Dunn Associates Website

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